Natural Botanicals: How To Make the Most of Dried Florals

How do you get the most natural green dye tones for foliage? Or find realistic bloom colors for your floral accents?

Knowing that many designers struggled to find realism in their floral arrangements, the owners of Natural Botanicals set out to offer professional designers and decorators the products they need to "wow" their clients. 

What Are Natural Botanicals?

Over the past 30 years, Tim and Kristin Mease successfully built their company, Natural Botanicals, with a firm belief that the floral market was ready to embrace all-natural, unique, and unusual botanicals.

With a focus on preservation methods, Tim traveled to places like the Amazon region of South America, the Western Cape of South Africa, and many areas of Brazil. Through his travels, he developed and refined safe dye and preservation formulas, resulting in the highest quality preserved botanicals in the industry. 

Today, curated by Vickerman, the product line includes more than 400 unique items, including flowering plants, pods, ferns, grasses, foliage, reeds, branches, and moss — with new offerings always in various stages of development.

Made for creators like you

The Natural Botanicals product line serves commercial decorators and designers, florists, manufacturers, and garden centers — virtually any company seeking distinctive, quality floral products. These unique products make up some of the amazing displays you see in commercial settings such as event centers, resorts, and high-end lobbies.  

The products are also used to enhance the rest of Vickerman’s everyday line, including a wide variety of artificial floral stems, boxwood topiaries, and mats.

The Benefits of Using Dried Stems and Florals

Our Natural Botanicals collection offers a long list of benefits to designers and decorators, including:

  • Easy arranging: Dried stems and plants can be simpler to arrange than fresh florals and do not require ongoing maintenance or watering.
  • Complementary colors: The neutral, muted tones of dried botanicals complement both modern and traditional decors, making them widely versatile across residential and commercial projects.
  • Less environmental impact: For designers and clients who want to reduce waste and source naturally, dried botanicals offer an ideal compromise between high-end decorations and low environmental impact.
  • Design options not available in stores: Dried florals provide unique options that you might not find otherwise, allowing you to create something that your client hasn't seen before. 
  • Seasonal versatility: Preserved plants allow designers to incorporate specific foliage or flowers at any time of year. (That means no more worrying about seasonal availability constraints that come with sourcing fresh options). 

How To Incorporate Natural Botanicals

There are a lot of ways to use Natural Botanicals. These tips can help you make the most of your investment and inspire new, unique looks.

Mix the old with the new

Blending preserved organic elements with sleek modern décor creates exciting juxtaposition in everything from home décor to event tablescapes. Weave dried elements with fresh florals or stems, to create a beautiful unique design moment. Placing textural seed pods inside glass terrariums, or using pampas grasses and dried ferns in vases are classic ways to incorporate Natural Botanicals into the home. 

Build a bold brand

Custom-dried floral commissions make exceptional focal points in commercial spaces looking to connect clients to a nature-inspired brand image. Preserve native species or signature blossoms for framing in hospitality settings or large-scale artworks in corporate environments.

Elevate event displays

Infusing muted natural hues and delicate textures transforms event décor from ordinary to extraordinary. Adorn simple table runners with dried petals like confetti, suspend airy palm fronds over sweetheart tables, or style expressive dried ferns within ceremony programs, accompanied by other fresh elements.

Our personal favorite for a beautiful filler in any arrangement is the dried hydrangea stems, which come in more than 15 colors.

Replace options that require upkeep

Buying durable preserved plants, grasses, and blooms means not having to worry about natural decay, dropping leaves, or watering woes down the line. Desert plants like cacti and palm leaves last indefinitely, as do hardy seed pods, preserved ferns, and dried florals.

Mix and match textures

Texture is what professional designers use to their advantage, taking an ordinary design to the next level with their expertise. The Natural Botanicals line allows designers to keep an installation beautiful and fade-free its entire life. (Something faux plants can't claim.)

The textures available create limitless opportunities. Bend velvety sage, fluffy pampas grass, wispy dried ferns, and smooth seed pods to prevent displays from falling flat. Or pair contrasting shapes, such as a spiky stem with a rounded lotus seed head, to add visual contrast.

Introduce unique color palettes

Preserved plants give professional designers access to an exceptional palette of natural textures, neutral hues, and versatile applications. Use dried greenery and blooms to craft editorial-style displays across residential and commercial settings for those clients who want something special. 

Try Natural Botanicals in Your Next Display

Natural Botanicals empowers professional creators to make ordinary designs extraordinary. These textures, hues, and products are simply unavailable elsewhere. Coupled with smart arranging techniques, dried botanicals transform event, home, and commercial décor into living art.

At Vickerman, we're on a mission to help you elevate your installations with dried and faux florals. Explore our full Natural Botanicals collection and find the right stems for your next display.

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